Trace Elements Cattle

Trace elements are commonly found to be limiting the performance of dairy cows, and young growing stock.

We recommend that all farms regularly test for trace elements, and implement supplementation plans to ensure that production and health are not limited.


We provide blood testing and liver biopsy services to collect appropriate samples at the correct time. Many farmers are on our reminder service for these.

If we cannot collect from live animals, we can organise liver samples to be collected from animals going to slaughter plants.

Two tests per year are usually sufficient to monitor the trace element status of cows - Spring (Pre mating), and the Autumn (Pre dry off).

  Pre mating Pre dry off
Selenium + +
Copper + (Liver best) + (Liver best)
B12 + +
Magnesium +  
Iodine Optional  
Zinc Optional  
Betahydroxy butarate (B-OH) Optional  









We supply are range of tried and true solutions to fit into farmers systems. This includes long and short acting injections, oral boluses, and oral supplements.

Many clients have had considerable success with our Customizer blends from AgVance. This enables us to make a mix specific to your needs and vary this depending on animal testing results and performance.