Sheep Parasites

You will still walk out of the shop with your promotional items (be it Jackets, Power drills or Christmas Hams), still pay the same price for a high quality drench, but you will get something that will also provide valuable techincal information about your farm.

We believe that we are offering the very best in veterinary service and advice by offering this faecal egg count service, and it adds to our complete product support.

Look for the drench products in store and ask the staff for assistance.

Drench failures

Identifying a drench that did not work is now becoming more and more frequent. Most likely due to drench resistance (important to get those faecal egg counts done), this can also happen due to underdosing or poor equipment (which also helps select for resistant worms in the population). PLEASE check your drenches via a Drench Check at least once a year - If you need more information on how to do a Drench Check talk to one of the vets