Sheep Measles

Measles notifications actually reduced in the South Wairarapa region this year (Carterton and South Wairarapa), but there was the odd new farmer with an unpleasant surprise in the mail (>6% infection rate in any line >50 animals).

In most of these cases it was related to a dog worming breakdown - Often new or casual staff with undosed dogs working on the property and contaminating pasture.

The high value of sheep has led to a drop in unsafe dog feeding practices (uncooked or unfrozen sheep meat), and we are seeing an upswing in farmers feeding our high performance foods such as Eukanuba/Royal Canine as they see the performance benefits.

This change in feeding practices means dog worming will remain the focus of our attention.

We have changed the way the tablets are packaged and delivered for the farmers enrolled in the National Dog Worming programme.

If you would like to be enrolled in the programme, and are a South Wairarapa Veterinary Services client, please fill in the enrollment form below.

Dosing should be happening at 3 monthly intervals at a minimum, and monthly for farms with T. ovis notifications.