Emergency 24hr: 06 379 6767

At SWVets we have a huge array of different surgeries that are offered to all species of companion animals. 

We offer routine spey and castration to all species, and recommend that if your pet is not going to be bred from, that you have them de-sexed. The age that this is done very much depends on breed, size, and a few other factors. We are here to advise and guide you through this process. 

We also offer emergency surgeries such as gastric dilation and volvulus surgery, foreign body removal, fracture repairs, limb amputations amongst others. We treat a large amount of working and hunting dogs and have a lot of experience with these dogs.  We perform TTA's (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement), and use plating, external fixation, pinning and casting techniques to repair most limb and jaw fractures. We also have a number of other surgeries available for hip dislocation, juvenile hip dysplasia, gastrocnemius rupture and cruicate repairs. 

We offer more advanced routine surgeries such as ear canal ablations, aural hematoma surgeries and tumour removals.

We have highly trained veterinarians who are offering advanced orthapedic surgeries, with the most current methods available to us currently. 

Our surgeries are all monitored by experienced and capable nurses, and animals are recovered carefully, to ensure the best success possible. We update you regularly on your animals progress whilst they are in our hospital.