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In house Laboratory

At all four of our SWVets clinics we have comprehensive in-house IDEXX© analysing equipment (blood, urine) that gives us blood results quicker than any other clinic in the region and allow us to start the most appropriate treatment in a timely manner. 

We can also culture bacteria in house for cases, allowing the appropriate choice of antibiotic to be made. Having easy access to these laboratory tools helps us formulate treatment and further diagnostic plans for your pet without delay.

We can now offer progesterone blood testing in house allowing us to get results back to you within one hour.  We can also still send them to the lab for analysis and results are usually back within about 24 hours.

We examine skin cells and various different samples from ears, lumps and bumps and tumours under the microscope in clinic so we can diagnose and start treatment without delay. Our veterinarians are highly skilled with taking and interpreting these samples on your behalf.