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Companion Animal Dentistry

Like all our health programs, our aim with dentistry is to prevent dental disease from getting started.

Some dogs - especially the smaller breeds and some cats are most at risk of developing the changes associated with bad breath, tartar and tooth decay.

Essentially, because your pets are not brushing and flossing their teeth, soft plaque forms on the surface of the teeth and quickly becomes hardened into tartar.  This provides a hiding place for harmful bacteria to create odour and weaken the enamel and ligaments supporting the teeth. Left untreated the gums become inflamed, painful and the tooth may become loose.  

During routine health checks and vaccinations, we will often find quite advanced dental disease.  For animals which are prone to developing this dental disease, it is very helpful to clean and polish the teeth regularly.  Some diets are specifically designed to help clean teeth or prevent the plaque from changing into tartar. Generally the more abrasive the diet the better, foods that require the animal to chew will help clean the molars at the back of the mouth, however often the canines and front incisors will still accumulate tartar over time

A once a year scale and polish is a great way to prevent irreversible changes occuring, this will mean your pet can keep all of its teeth for as long as possible and prevent any pain associated with inflammed gums and  abscessed or loose teeth     

We are able to offer a complete cleaning and polishing service, our ultrasonic dental scaler and a high-speed dental drill and polishing unit allows us to get your pets teeth in the best possible shape, and extract unhealthy teeth with minimal trauma.  We use nerve blocks to allow the animals to recover from any extractions pain free.