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Animal Health Planner

At South Wairarapa Veterinary Services we have put a lot of time into creating a simple and easy animal health planner that is available to be created for your lifestyle property. 

We come out to you to do an animal health consult or this can be done in clinic. At this consult we go through each class of stock with you and outline your animal health requirements for the year, and then you leave with a document calendarised with what needs to be done and when.

We add the reminders into our diary if you would like help with these procedures and can provide the expertise and skill to help you out if required. 

We have a number of contacts for local shearers, fencers etc and can pass you on details if required. 

The animal health planner at SWVets is aimed to take away the stress of animal health needs from the owner by putting in place a preventative health plan. Preventation as always is better than cure. 

Ask us now to do a preventative animal health plan for you lifestyle block.