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We offer vaccinations at SWVets - Equine for the following:

Tetanus and Strangles - these are the most common diseases that we vaccinate horses for. We are currently recommending a full tetanus and strangles course, including a yearly booster and then a booster shot every year for Strangles and every three years for Tetanus. Both of these vaccines can be administered alone, or we have a vaccine (Equivac  2 in 1) that combines them both. They are highly recommended preventative vaccines. 

Tetanus Antitoxin - Can be provided for immediate prevention of Tetanus if your horse is unvaccinated for Tetanus and gets a cut or injury or if you are unsure if they are vaccinated.  This vaccine is often provided to foals in the hours after they are born.  

Equine Herpes Virus - We vaccinate young stock with this vaccine to prevent respiratory disease and also breeding stock to prevent abortion in mares due to herpes virus. The supply of these vaccines can be difficult at times - so please let us know your requirements for the year as early as possible so we can ensure they are in stock for you.

Salmonella - Some studs require horses to be vaccinated for Salmonella prior to arriving at stud. Please contact us to order this vaccine in for you.