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Sarcoid Treatments

Sarcoids are skin lesions that come in many forms. These can be areas of balding skin, warty looking lesions, nodules, fleshy nodules or a mix of all inbetween.  They can be confused with other lesions such as melanomas and can affect any colour of horse. They often come up in young horses and are thought to be spread indirectly by flies, so are best treated and not left. The first attempt at treatment is the most successful - so approach us now for some advice.

At SWVets we have treated a number of sarcoids very successfully ranging from very extensive lesions to small lesions in very tricky places - around eyes, mouth and lower limbs for example. 

We treat sarcoids that we see with the help of Equine Medicine Specialist Derek Knottenbelt who runs the Equine Medical Solutions 'Sarcoid Centre' in Liverpool, England and is a well recognised guru in sarcoid treatment. We import cream and injections that we cannot source in New Zealand and regularly monitor and provide feedback on these lesions. 

We are willing to take a look at any lesion, and give you advice on the best treatment option. 

We use a variety of chemotherapeutic drugs, injections, creams, surgery and cryotherapy - all of which are tailor made to your horse.  The treament plan is updated depending on how your horse responds to treatment, under the careful watch of our vets. 

The photos contain some of the sarcoids we have successfully treated this year.