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Reproductive Services


Our team at SWVets provide a comprehensive reproductive and stud medicine service for all horse breeders.  We provide efficient and compassionate veterinary management for mares, stallions and foals. We can drive to you or alternatively you can bring your horse to our purpose built equine clinic in Carterton. 

Our clinic has an excellent mare and foal crush, in house laboratory for rapid testing, foaling down facilities with foaling alarms and CCTV surveillance, hospitalisation facilities and a passionate and dedicated four vet equine team to ensure that your mare and foal get the best service possible. 

Services include : 

Fertility and infertility examinations 

This can be done in our Carterton clinic to allow ease of examination in our mare and foal stocks or on your premises. We have modern, high quality ultrasound machines that give us fantastic images with great accuracy.

 Fresh/Chilled semen

We can monitor the oestrous cycle, inseminate the mare at the optimum time and scan for pregnancy. 

 Frozen semen 

Mares requires a short stay at our Carterton clinic to allow us to monitor their progression of oestrus. Insemination is performed within a few hours of the mare ovulating which gives us a great conception rate. Frozen semen has a very short life span so timing is important. We have facilities for long term storage of frozen semen. 

 In house laboratory

We can run blood samples rapidly when required. 

Swabs are processed within 24 hours and sensitivity testing within 24-48 hours. This allows for efficient follow up treatment when it is needed most to get the best results for your horse. 

After all inseminations, the semen is analysed under a microscope to check the numbers of healthy sperm and their confirmation. 

 Foaling unit 

Our foaling unit caters for small numbers of mares and foals which enables us to give them the highest standard of care. Camera surveillance and state of the art stitch in foaling alarms are used to ensure we are notified when your mare foals. We provide two vets at every foaling at the clinic in a timely manner.

This service is particularly beneficial for high risk pregnancy mares as our equine team are on hand to ensure any problems with the mare or foal are quickly sorted within the facilities of our equine clinic. 

 Embryo transfer and advanced reproductive techniques

We work alongside Equibreed NZ, to provide embryo transfer and other advanced reproductive techniques. For more infomation about Equibreed nz click on www.equibreed.co.nz 

 Foetal sexing and monitoring of the high risk mare 

Ultrasound is used to sex scan at day 65 of pregnancy. The mare is often given a light sedative. Repeat scan may be required depending on the position of the foal.

In high risk pregnancy mares it is important to monitor the foal and placenta using ultrasound rectally and transabdominally. The frequency of these scans varies depending on the results obtained. 

 Reproductive surgery 

We have the skills and expertise to perform a range of routine and corrective reproductive surgeries that are often done under standing sedation in our mare and foal stocks.  

Hospitalisation facilities

We have two large rubber lined stables with facilities to enable intravenous fluid administration. Our equine office looks out at the stables and along with CCTV surveillance our patients are always watched extremely closely. 

 If you are interested in breeding from your mare, please contact our reception team on 06 3770461 to arrange a call with equine vet Philippa Hendron, who heads our reproduction services or email [email protected]