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Lameness Examinations

At SWVets Equine we offer an extensive range of services for lame horses, ranging from those that are very slightly uneven to those that have been lame for years. 

We have the ability and the experience to provide full lameness examinations including nerve blocks, joint blocks, digital radiography, ultrasound examinations and can refer for CT examinations or nuclear scintigraphy if required.

We offer conventional services such as joint injections (with a range of products including steroids, arthramid, IRAP/PRP), mesotherapy, training and rehabilitation programmes and more advanced procedures such as back and neck injections, sacroiliac injections and hock joint fusions.  

We have had really good success in a number of cases that had previously been considered unsound and recommend that you contact us today to see what we can do for you. 

We also work in with local farrier Marshall Miller for cases that need remedial shoeing or advanced trimming techniques. We can get your horse an appointment with him for this remedial work at our Carterton Equine Hospital.