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Hospital Facilities

At our SWVets Carterton Clinic we have hospital facilities to admit your horse and can provide advanced and comprehensive veterinary treatments.  We can undertake intensive medical examinations, extensive lameness examinations, we offer full breeding services, and have mare and foal crush facilities to safely examine your horse. We do a number of dentals at the clinic, and happily take day patients or longer stays. 

We offer safe large stables, yarding facilities and paddocks. We feed your horse to your requirements and offer a service above and beyond for your horse whilst it is in our care. 

We often admit horses for treatments that need regular treatments in a short space of time (e.g. an IV course of antibiotics), or for cases that need careful monitoring and regular examination. We do minor surgeries at the clinic, such as stitch ups, castrations, sarcoid surgeries and various other procedures.

We offer a foaling down service at the clinic with top of the range stitch in foaling alarms that send alerts to our cell phones when the mare starts foaling.

We have security cameras at the clinic that we can watch the horses from remotely, and to ensure the safety of our patients at all times. 

We have temperature monitors that are placed on inpatients to monitor them every five minutes in the first 48 hours they are in to ensure the safety of all the horses in clinic and also to alert us to any issues that may be just beginning.