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Gastroscopy Clinics

The most accurate way to assess gastric ulcers in horses is by putting a camera into their stomach and taking a look.  The clinical signs you may see in your horse to alert you to the fact that they have ulcers are the following:

Poor performance

Poor appetite


Grinding teeth

Dull coat


Weight loss

At SWVets we offer regular Gastroscopy clinics for horses and have an experienced team of equine vets who have been offering these clinics for a number of years. 

We do a full examination of both parts of the stomach (squamous and glandular) and a full pyloric exam. We run these clinics out of our Carterton Equine Hospital and Thompsons Horse Centre in Upper Hutt, and we have facilities to prepare your horse for gastroscopy if you do not. We provide full details of the preparation required on booking in your horse. 

You will receive a report after the clinic with photos of your horses stomach and recommendations going forward. 

We offer other services when your horse is in clinic such as routine vaccination, dentistry, selenium blood testing, lameness examination etc.