Scanning Cattle and Deer

Ultrasound operators with manual skills

We have multiple experienced scanners in the practice, along with fully portable equipment including remote display screens to help with training/evaluation or just to let the farmers see what we see in the goggles.

All our vets are experienced manual pregnancy testers (Cattle).

How accurate are we?

We review our scanners accuracy on a regular basis. When herds are scanned at the correct time to enable determination of foetal age (6-12 weeks of foetal age), our accuracy is well within InCalf guidlines.

We all understand that natural variation does occur, and the odd mistake can happen.

85% of cows pregnant to a single known insemination calve within 2 weeks of the predicted date (272 days after the recorded mating) (Australian InCalf study). Around 9% of cows calve natually more than 2 weeks early.