Pre and post operative care

When your pet is booked in for an operation we can give you guidelines as to how to best manage them both before and after their procedure. 

All patients undergoing surgery need to have an empty stomach, so don't feed any food after 8pm on the night before surgery (they can have water).

We like to ensure that we know as much about our patients as we can before they undergo any surgery, so we will often recommend a pre-op blood test to check liver and kidney function. This is especially important for older patients or those undergoing a lengthy procedure. 

We often use intravenous fluids to support our patients throughout their surgery. 

We know that some surgeries are painful and give all our patients pain medication before and after surgery.

Once your pet has come home after a procedure, you should keep them inside and warm, some may feel like a small meal that night, and most animals will be eating by the following morning.

Daily checking of the surgical site is recommended.

We like to follow up all our surgeries and will book you in for a  free post operative check,  usually 3 days after the procedure,  

If you have any concerns about how your pet is recovering don't hesitate to get in touch.