If you have seen your pet eat something known to be poisonous call us immediately, wrap your pet in a blanket to keep it warm and bring it in to the nearest open clinic.

You may not have seen your animal eating anything toxic, but if you think they may have, and especially if they are showing signs of poisoning (very depressed or fitting) phone us to let us know you are coming and get your pet to us as soon as possible.

Bringing the container of whatever you think your pet may have consumed (eg ratbait) can be VERY HELPFUL.

Common posions are the rat and slugbaits, chocolate, antifreeze (especially cats because it tastes sweet), anything from the onion family, and for some dogs, raisins and grapes.

Compost or any rotting material can contain harmful toxins and as many dogs are scavengers they will eat this sort of material.  Be careful to make sure your dog cannot get access to your compost area.