InCalf is a learning package of tools, resources and training for both dairy farmers and their advisers. It was developed for Australian dairy farmers, but has undergone extensive revision for New Zealand conditions. It is made available to New Zealand dairy farmers thanks to an agreement between DairyNZ and Dairy Australia.

InCalf started rolling out autumn 2008 in New Zealand. If you are frustrated with a non-cycling problem, finding it hard to get cows back in calf and ending up with too many empties, then you will benefit from being involved with InCalf.

Adrian Evans, Aidan Smith, and Liz Hancock are trained advisors. Adrian is also an accredited InCalf trainer, and has been involved nationally with InCalf initiatives and also training new advisors.


ReproReady is a pre-mating checklist that farmers and their vet can use to check that all the significant factors that can have an impact on mating are covered before mating starts. It has the extra benefits of getting farmers and their vets to look back and review previous plans and performance, making it an extremely powerful tool.

ReproReady is a great introduction to the power of the InCalf programme