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Farm+ is a specialized service provided by SWVets designed to meet the animal health needs of farmers and lifestyle block owners. An important part of the team are the Farm+ technicians. They offer a range of practical assistance for both farmers and lifestyle block owners. Services such as calf disbudding, pregnancy testing, dry cow insertion , teatsealing and vaccinating are carried out by highly experienced and skilled rural technicians working alongside veterinarians. One of our director vets Adrian Evans says  ”Veterinary work, animal treatments, tagging and NAIT can all be organised through a single phone call to us. This improves efficiency and allows farmers more time to concentrate on the day-to-day operations. We can develop an animal health plan for each farm and then deliver it. Not only are the sheep drenched and vaccinated when necessary, but they also have facial eczema boluses applied, and a range of treatments as required".

The heifer programme is an independent, accurate, animal health plan that ensures heifers enter the herd in the best condition they can be. The technicians utilise state of the art equipment, including a FarmQuip mobile weigh crush and Gallagher weigh technology.

A partnership with animal identification specialists Allflex enables Farm+ the ability to supply animal ID solutions, such as ear tags and NAIT tags. As a NAIT accredited information provider, we offer NAIT solutions for all clients, from small blocks to large enterprises, keeping accurate records of animals and movements for full compliance.

Heifer teatsealing can be a real chore for farmers, but we use a specialist trailer and best practice to avoid complications and ensure the best results.

Our technicians can also insert dry cow therapy (antibiotics and teat sealant) into cows for around the same cost as a single tube of long acting dry cow therapy, and all the paperwork will be taken care of.



Farm+ Team

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