Lower leg wound healing in the horse

Warning this page contains graphic content that may disturb some viewers - week 24!

These photos document the repair of a serious wound to the lower limb in a thoroughbred that had rolled and caught his leg in a wire fence. He lost a large amount of skin right around the limb as well as about a quarter of his extensor tendon. The front part of his cannon bone was injured and died off so we removed the damaged area. Fortunately his owner is extremely dedicated, this wound has required rebandaging initially every 48 hours, latterly every 5-6 days. For the first 5 weeks we splinted the leg to stop him  knuckling over. From week five on he was able to extend his toe and no longer required splinting. At this stage treatment is ongoing, he is responding well, we will post progress pictures.


week one, and yes
that is the cannon bone exposed
week two week three
week four
week eight
week twelve
week sixteen - skin to skin union 2/3 of leg week twenty - last small
area of granulation tissue
still to cover with skin
week twenty four, horse back inearly stages of training