Equine and Camelid

Equine services

South Wairarapa Veterinary Services has been providing high quality equine veterinary services in the Wairarapa area for a number of year.

We have two dedicated equine vets and are increasing to three this year.  We aim to provide a tailored service to your horse, donkey or mule to cater for their every need.

This year we have installed a new state of the art reproductive crush, complete with dental stand and foal crate.  The safety of both you and your equine friend is paramount.

We have full lameness workup facilities so we can perform high level lameness examinations complete with nerve and joint blocks, digital radiographs and ultrasound, and have access to a local referral centre as required for CT scans.

We perform minor or standing surgeries in the field, and can refer more invasive surgeries such as colic or joint surgeries requiring sterile facilities to a local referral centre.

The equine team at South Wairarapa Veterinary Services forms part of the dedicated and caring 14 vet team, catering for your every veterinary need, both during working hours and afterhours.