Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD)

BVD, or bovine viral diarrhoea, is probably the most important viral disease of cattle in New Zealand.

BVD causes significant production losses to both the dairy and beef industries and at least 60% of cattle in New Zealand have been exposed.

Recent figures for infected dairy herds estimate the losses at about $150 million for the industry and $220 per cow in an infected herd. These losses include increased abortions, calving inductions, calving to conception interval and services per conception and decreased milk production.

We now have great testing systems and tools to help farmers with BVD.

The BVD management toolkit (2012) provides a great resource for all vets and farmers.

For more information on BVD in dairy cows, click on this LINK, or visit the BVD steering committee website by clicking on the  BVD steering committee logo below.

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