Jane Ough BVSc (Massey)

Jane admits to being horse mad, her parents thought she was a changeling but accepted that her choice was to spend her entire teenage years working at the local riding stables then heading off to Massey to become a horse vet. Life sidetracked her – and she set off to work in Wellington and the UK before finding herself back in the Wairarapa with her partner, Jeremy, 5 children, 13 sheep, 12 chickens 2 cats one dog and 3 horses – and the chance to achieve her childhood dream of caring for horses. Jane has a special interest in horse welfare. Postgraduate training in equine dentistry and involvement in the latest New Zealand research work on Insulin Resistance in horses support her special interest areas of equine dentistry, lameness examinations and laminitis. She is also studying acupuncture as another means of pain relief in horses and small animals. She also enjoys small animal work, especially orthopaedics.